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Our Services - Employment Law

Our Employment Solicitors have the experience to act for both employer and employees alike.
If you are an Employer consult us sooner rather than later if you have or foresee a problem with an employee. Don’t be tempted to take the easy option, which is to do nothing.
If you are an Employee have you been unfairly dismissed? Are you being discriminated against? Re-organised? Or are you being harassed at work? Are you facing redundancy? Being laid-off or being asked to take short time working or being asked to sign a different contract of employment?
If so our specialist employment lawyers can help you with all of these problems. If you wish to bring a claim against your employer seek our advice at the earliest available opportunity. There are time limits after which you cannot bring a claim, so act quickly. If we believe that you have good grounds to bring a claim we will usually act for you on a no-win no-fee basis though you will have to pay us a pre-agreed percentage of your damages by way of legal fees if your claim is successful.

If you have agreed to have your employment brought to an end or have reached an agreement with your employer then your Employer may ask you to sign a document called a Compromise Agreement. You are required to take advice on such documents before you sign them. We can draft Compromise Agreements for Employers and we can also advise Employees on whether or not to sign them.

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